Relive your childhood memories with this faithful recreation of a mechanical sketching toy. Turn the right knob to draw up and down, turn the left knob to draw side to side. To erase, simply turn the screen downwards and shake. (Make sure you have a good grip!)

This fun app lovingly recreates every detail. As you twist the knobs, simulated mechanical parts move behind the screen to etch out your drawing. The more you clear off the screen, the more you get to see the inner workings. Even internal shadows are rendered and react naturally as you change the angle at which you hold the device.

When it's time to start a new drawing, turn the screen downward and start shaking. Enjoy the subtle sounds of the beads as your drawings are gradually erased with every shift. RetroSketch will reward your senses and indulge your nostalgia.

Whether you're drawing a nice little staircase or rendering a life-like masterpiece, go ahead, and have a little fun again.

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